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Katt Williams: Conspiracy Theory Tour

‪#‎ConspiracyTheoryTour‬ Katt Williams really had some heavy hitters on stage with him, I have to admit it's not too often when all of the opening acts are funny as HELLLLLLLL. You truly were not sitting there bored and waiting for Katt, and that means he had great performers. The Dallas Show start late BUT not because Katt wasn't there, he actually walked through the audience twice ( it felt like to reassure us that his behind wasn't in jail and he was actually in Dallas) but he was hugging on fans BEFORE the show, it started about 30 minutes late. The Host Red Grant tv kept the show moving and performed above great, favorite cultural set of his from me was how different ethnicities get mad when THEIR song isn't played from the DJ at the club (FUNNY) @Cory Zooman Miller impersonations of President Obama and Lucious Lyons ( Empire) were ON POINT he nailed them, ok ok ok ok and the WHITE BOY @Richie Redding yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, he is suppose to be a NEWBIE to the stage but the stage is where he should have always been HILARIOUS! An awesome surprise to see was Mark Curry yes ‪#‎HangingWithMrCooper‬ VETERAN at his craft. Smooth performance, awesome jokes, and he DELIVERED, has NOT lost a thing. And of course the headliner.....having seen Katt 2-3 times in Dallas, I have to say HE DID deliver. He was funny, he didn't skirt around his ARRESTS, he addressed them and the FIGHT in Philadelphia, gave his perception and still kept it funny. If the show is coming to your city, I 100% recommend going to see it, As Red Grant stated WE NEED to start laughing more because when you meet GOD you're going to wish you had lived a more HAPPIER Life.

~ ‪#‎DemButlers‬ ~

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