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It has begun

As the writer of our dynamic duo, most of the written posts you will see and review will be developed by me, Cass. My husband, (Sedrick) is a man of few words but powerful words, he will more than likely be the VOICE behind our social media postings and videos. I myself am a little longwinded and will have a hard time staying on one topic for 2 minutes BUT I will try.

Welcome to our world, a wold of fun, adventure, music, travel, explorations and joy. This is a No judgement zone, we do not have a particular ethnicity we are representing or age group we are focused on. Logically we are in our Mid 40's and are African American HOWEVER that is not our only group.

We have backgrounds in numerous areas that allow us to UNDERSTAND every way of life imaginable. My husband is a veteran, and has been married before with 2 children. His hometown is Columbus, GA. However he has resided in Alaska, Ohio, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and also Texas. I have also been married before, attended and graduated college, I have two biological children, completeing our family of 6. I have lived in suburban Dallas all of my life. We have both been employed since early teenagers 14/15 years old. So we have seen minimum wage at $3.00 an hour and currently enjoy our dual 6 Figure salaries. That is not a bragging statement that is to show you we understand how to live off of $12K a year and also how to live off of 6 Figures. We are not one of those couple's advising a young person to save 30% of their check and they make $8.00 an hour. You will get REAL TALK, Real experiences from us.

We hope to have you included on som eof these adventures and if not maybe you will book a location because of something we said or showcased.

Feel free to pose any questions to us and leave feedback.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Cass and Sed

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