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Bone Thugs and Harmony 20 Year Event

So once again, we head back to The Bomb factory, if you have read our previous reviews you are already aware that #DemButlers finds The Bomb Factory to be a great performance venue. The sound system, seating and even process of gaining access with security is all top quality, and again they did not disappoint.

Although The Bomb Factory has an OUTSIDE Smoking area there are some concerts where that seems to be OVERLOOKED, this was one of those! I will admit, you could smell the "OHHHH WEEEE" but I knew that going in, sometimes you just have to know your crowd.

Ironically SCARFACE was the first major performer, many in the audience were quite shocked to see him as the first performer, including us. The other half of #DemButlers is a huge #GetoBoys and #Scarface fan and that was his whole reason for wanting to see the show, so to have him as the first was wonderful for us. Quickly followed by Bun B and Slimm Thug who did all of their own faithful’s and had the Dallas crowd bouncing.

For this to be a RAPPERS Delight with MC's and DJ's the WAIT between performers was astronomically delayed. At least a 30-50 minute between EACH act just for some guy to come out with a turntable. There was NOT a complete band set up and you could feel the crowed disseminating with each tortuous moment we were forced to DEAL with the most horrific MC HOST of all times, we continuously heard "Dallas, TEXAS are you with me?" and "Yall not F**king with me anymore" soon after 4 hours of his dumbness the crowd was BOOING not only the opening acts but the MC.

UNFORTUNATELY the break between Bun B and whomever would be next to which we learned was B Real from Cypress Hill (the break was over an hour) at 10:50 we LEFT with still 3 major performers remaining and NO Bone Thugs and Harmony.

We later read that BTH arrived and performed at almost 1:30 AM. For a concert that started on time at 7PM, this is not even acceptable for #DemButlers

Would we revisit the exact concert lineup? NO we would however support and see Scarface again who appeared to be the only rapper who owns a watch and respects other's time.

Rating overall a 4

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