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   WHO We Are  

#DemButlers began as a social hashtag that we would use to attach to our pictures and it quickly developed into it's own entity. Without trying we developed a following of fans, friends, and followers who looked forward to seeing what NEXT Adventure #DemButlers were on.


In 15 seconds we are the Married Version of "Siskel & Ebert" we review entertainment, travel, & life experiences via video, blogs and pictures.

We are a married couple, leaving our 50's. The husband "Sed" is a world traveller by way of the United States Air Force. Although he has "seen" numerous countries most of his experiences were not for fun. The wife, "Cass" is a serial entrepreneur, she owns various businesses and she never meets a stranger and enjoys dancing! 

In our blended family we have 4 young adult children and 2 beautiful grandchildren, who affectionately call us "Dub & CiCi" Sed is seen as the "serious, cynical, analyzer, white, black, no gray, gun advocate avenger" of the 2, where Cass outwardly appears to be the "social butterfly, talkative, she knows everyone, planner, punctual, critical, endearing," partner of their marriage. 

Watching them interact is comical in itself, you never know where their conversation may lead and believe me YOU never know what topic or question they just may ask, this couple has no FILTER. 

We want to share our experiences and have you follow us on our QUEST for adventure as we discover and commit to leaving America and venturing into a WHOLE NEW World.

Not only will you stay in the LOOP of things to do, you will watch us make mistakes, have success and hopefully expand your mind in realizing there is more to LIVING than LIVING just in North America.
















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