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The D.O.C. Twenty Years Later

The D.O.C. returned to the stage 20 years later after his fatal shooting that left him unable to speak and ended his career as a rapper. At the time he was a founding MEMBER of N.W.A. many people are unaware that The D.O.C. was a member of the group, he began his career as one of the artist from Fila Fresh Crew but then formed with N.W.A. after his shooting with the inability to then speak let alone rap, that career soon was an unfortunate nightmare.

Until Saturday October 17th, when The D.O.C. decided to not only return to the stage but also is filming and recording his Documentary "Straight Outta Dallas."

The evening was about the build up to HEARING HOW The D.O.C. would sound.

The venue ( The Bomb Factory) Located in the heart of Downtown Dallas, in Deep Ellum, perfect location, if you are NOT planning on parking on the street and walking a few blocks event parking for this concert was $20.00 and you are right at the venue. Very well lit, plenty of people, you did not feel threatened in any matter. Although I was with my husband I would have been secure by myself or walking with other females.

Entering the building be prepared for your normal purse check and Deadly Weapons Pat Down, not an issue or concern for me. Once you enter the immediate set up if you ticket taker/exchange and then you enter into a room of vendors or marketing people. I am an avid T-Shirt person, i collect t-shirts from events so I quickly purchased my souvenirs. ladies with heels on the floors are a slick wood so be careful if you are not a professional high heel walker. If you did not purchase VIP you remain on the main floor (Standing Room Only) I believe I saw a few bars and of course restrooms, (sorry but I am not a standing kind of GAL, so upstairs we went for reserved VIP) If you ever go online and buy tickets the upstairs VIP is formed in a "U" so tables are on the sides of the U and rows of individual highback chairs are on the short side of the U with the stage in the open area. So just know if you get the sides and are closer to the tip, although you are closer to the stage or the performer you have a side view all night. There is plenty of space behind each row of high back chairs. Guests can truly stand UP in front of you and dance and your view is not obstructed nor do you need to move. VIP reserved chairs have a bar type table in front of them, for your drinks, purse or food, the tables are 4 person high tables. VIP has their own bar and 2 very large and NICE bathrooms. Cannot speak for the men, but the women had at least 20 stalls! NO line waiting, just be careful the bathroom door access is on a heel, so again YOU can SLIP if you have on hells or have been partaking in adult beverages, ( smile). Full service bar drinks are average bar price ( $5-$10)

The sound was awesome, no echo, no feedback, and great views.

The show started on time with the local artists to whom we enjoyed, we really have some amazing talent in Dallas. (Favorite of mine was SikWitIt) they are beats and tracks producers, great sound. We personally did not care for the DJ, he was not an MC nor a DJ meaning ( mixing, scratching, fading, blending) he truly PLAYED a playlist and most songs played in their entirety. In MY opinion that is not a DJ, that is a record player.

As with most major events the MAIN artist did not hit the stage until around 11PM, the event began at 8PM ( doors opened at 7)

The D.O.C. RAPPED OVER his older tracks to get the crowd going, Scarface and Erykah Badu ( as DJ Loretta Throw Down) assisted with hooks and music.

If you were expecting The D.O.C. to sound like HIS original self, that did not occur, can you understand HIM, YES, did he rap, YES, and his 2 new songs from my understanding were written less than a week before the show, to which I enjoyed BOTH of them ( great hooks and dance beats)

While we were there Scarface did not sing any of his songs (but it wasn't his concert) you can see him Nov. 21st, same venue. Of course Erykah was there to be DJ so if you were expecting her to perform, you also chose the wrong show.

Overall, the event was a 6 to me, the venue a strong 8, the performance of The D.O.C. for nostalgia sake and to see him perform well that was an 8, for his performance again he rapped OVER tracks, so he did not PERFORM, he lip synched in truthfulness, so I can only give you a 4.

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