Chat with Cass


As a dual degree college graduate, a 20 year employee in Corporate America, and a business over since 2009. I have achieved not only experience but I have made mistakes that I do not mind sharing. 

I get asked a lot of times, "Do you mentor?" YES, I do mentor, however; I have found that most people initially have a lot of the same questions. Having the "Gift of gab" and being quite comfortable with public speaking, the venture was created and implemented #ChatWithCass, an informational, conversational, quick and to the point segment offered on my YouTube Channel. 


Videos will be added once per week, and they will include a hodge podge of information. Whether you are a newbie in business, a veteran in business, a serial entrepreneur (such as myself) a woman, a man, a Mom, a Minority, you will find the business segments beneficial.


If you are having/hosting an event, the Event Segment will include everything from what does an event planner do, why do I need one,  Common Mistakes ALL NEWLY engaged women make (Bride Boo Boo's), venue selection, budget analysis.


On the growth and development segment a business owner can find information regearding websites, social media marketing, accounting, accounts payables and receiveables, advertising, becoming a HUB Vendor and other pertinent information.


We may also include what I like to call The Butler Blender: a mixture of any topic, it might be about business, retirement, organizing, couponing, dieting and weightloss. All of the questions that I get inboxed, text, or IM'ed about will comprive this segment.


Videos are limited to 3-4 minutes and divided by topic so that you can locate your concern and receive the answer. 


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